picture of LED01 light

We present our powerful and compact LED01 work light.
These lights are extremely versatile and have many applications. Their small size and high light output make them ideal for use by Tradies, Farmers, Campers, Boaters, Quad Bikers and most types of serious or recreational users.
They also make great reversing or tray lights for your Ute!

LED lights use solid state electronic components to convert electrical current into bright useable light. By careful electronic control of the current flowing through the LED it can be made to produce its maximum light output for long periods of time while requiring a minimum of power. This electronic control allows these lights to operate at full brightness from 12 Volts to 30 Volts. Power output is reduced when supplied with less than 12 Volts to conserve battery power.

These lights are constructed of cast aluminium with a tough, epoxy bonded plastic lens and are supplied with a rugged rust resistant steel alloy mounting bracket and anti-vibration spring washers.

Light output from the 6 high power LEDs is evenly spread over a wide area to provide excellent coverage at 4 to 5 meters. At longer ranges the intensity is reduced, but can provide a useful level of illumination ie. campsite visibility up to about 20 meters

.We carry a full range of spare parts and we offer a repair service should this ever be required. All our lights have a 12 month warranty.

Picture of LED light at night

Light source type = 6 x 3Watt high power LEDs.
Colour temperature = 6000K - Bright white.
Operating voltage range = 12 to 30 Volts at full output power.
12 Volt current = 1.3 Amps.
24 Volt current = 0.6 Amps.
Connection = 30cm of 3mm twin wire, no terminals.
Wide flood beam only.

Diameter = 116mm.
Depth = 40mm
Mounting depth = 18mm from rear surface to center of mounting bolt
Height from mounting surface = 138mm.

Mounting bolt = 8mm diameter with spring washer/nut.

Priced at $50 inc.GST each for a single light.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders.

Please contact us at sales@sparkit.com.au for prices.