Picture of 30cmLED

We present our bright white LED linear lights for all types of interior lighting applications.
These LED lights are extremely thin and provide an amazing amout of light for only 3 Watts of power consumed.

Perfect for Caravans, Camper Vans, 4x4 interior lighting, Work vehicle roof lighting, or anywhere you need a low profile, high output light source with minimal power drain and maximum light output.

LED lights use solid state electronic components to convert electrical current into bright useable light. The 42 high brightness LEDs used in our strip lights are surface mount high output types with superior thermal characteristics and a very low profile package.

The light body is constructed from high quality aluminium with a specially shaped and bonded plastic lens which gives a smooth 90 degree wide beam along the length of the light, great for concentrating illumination only in the area where you need it. They are supplied with sprung steel mounting clips and screws to allow fixing onto a wide variety of surfaces, but they are for dry area use only.The attractive styling means you dont need to hide them out of sight, but their extemely thin profile means you can.

Each light has a power socket at each end, allowing you to "daisy chain" up to 10 lights together using the supplied double ended connector lead or double ended solid connector block.

We carry a full range of spare parts and we offer a repair service should this ever be required. All our lights have a 12 month warranty.

Picture of LED light at night

Light source type = 42 High brightness LEDs
Colour temperature = 6000K - Bright white.
Operating voltage = 12 Volts
12 Volt current = 0.185 Amps

Length = 30cm
Thickness = 8.5mm
Width = 33mm

Priced at $35 inc.GST each for a single light.

We also offer Reseller Discounts for bulk orders.

Please contact us at sales@sparkit.com.au for prices.